Justin Jones | Experience Strategy @ Headflap


Justin leads the strategy of experience

Justin is a dedicated integrated marketing strategist and product developer who makes a business out of solving problems—and he has raised the bar on finding simple and economical solutions. He provides product vision and leadership for a spectrum of cause-oriented clients. 

Living and working in the heart of Utah’s thriving Silicon Slopes, Jones has seen many companies spring up over the past decade, and has great insight into which ones succeed and which ones don’t. Jones has a Dual Information Systems Masters Degree with an emphasis on Data Analysis and Mining and IT Security from the University of Utah.

Message from Justin:

Throughout my life, I’ve been given countless opportunities to tackle projects I had no business working on, from my rogue early days as a teenager operating heavy machinery in my father’s metal fabrication shop to the countless software products I’ve been put in charge of bringing to market. I’ve worked in enormous enterprises cluttered with bureaucrats to nimble startups vying for greatness. From the inside, I’ve witnessed multiple companies go from less than 10 people to 100+ inside a short few years. From this breadth of experience I’ve gained a unique perception of invention. Executing on ideas, organizing tight teams, and bringing the best products to market is my area of expertise. Holding the big picture means seeing through the clutter, yet knowing exactly how each individual part operates. For this, credentials certainly have their place, but there is nothing like the wisdom that comes from hands-on innovation.


Basically, I know how to make a good thing great.