About us

Building an educated community of like-minded strategists and digital marketers

We are a scrappy group of remote experience, technology, creative, and media professionals living across the US and with connections to most of the major tech hubs — Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angelas, Salt Lake City, New York City, Boston, and London. We have a breadth of experience, from the traditional agency to tech startups, enterprise IT, and government. Some of us freelance fulltime, and other split their time between their day jobs and the adventure of being part of a remotely distributed skunkworks team. Our collective experience enables us to assemble teams that perfectly fit the needs of our clients and their projects, and to handle the full complement of services you would expect from a full-service interactive, creative, or tech agency. 

While there's a wide diversity in skills and places among us, the one thing we all agree on is that a small, lean, and highly specialized team is the most productive. We have embraced the two-pizza rule and continue to outperform teams many times our size on large enterprise projects. Even though our number of resources in the pool has expanded to nearly a hundred, we rarely have more than eight on any given project. These highly curated and specialized hybrid teams manage the gamut of small start-up projects to massive media campaigns and enterprise services where we have to plug into a much larger team. 



Chance Lundgren

Operations / Business Development

justin jones

Justin Jones

Digital Strategy