My first book

I’m excited to announce the publication of my first book, which I co-wrote with Scott Waddell, colleague and friend.

Got Ideas? How to Turn Your Ideas into Products People Want to Use is for people with great technology ideas who seek a simple manual to render their visions into reality. It’s a detailed, hands-on guide to proven ways to model and simplify the process of building digital products.

Got Ideas? models solid techniques for initiating and delivering products. Product managers, entrepreneurs, and innovators will discover new insights and strategies to amplify their ideas and bring them to life. It shows you proven product development techniques to give you a competitive edge that minimizes risk and ever-expanding scope and budgets, turning the product development chaos into order.

You’ll discover how to:

  •      Create a Product Vision and Roadmap
  •      Develop Business Models Investors Love
  •      Tell Your Story and Sell Your Idea
  •      Manage an Integrated Team
  •      Implement an Integrated Build Process
  •      Work with small yet highly effective teams

Product Managers will discover step-by-step practical techniques for vetting, building, and testing product ideas. And much, much more—all told with a candid writing style generous with time-tested experience, success, and failure.